Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Yesterday we went to Julie's house for a playdate!

It was close to 90 out so a nice, toasty day.

Cassandra was ready for the sun and fun!

The kids started playing together right when we got there!
At one point, I peeked in on the girls to find them hugging in this chair while reading a book-it was so cute!

And the girls had to get a picture taken with Cassandra too!

Smiley girl!!

We attempted going in the pool which was like a comedy show. Four kids and two Moms trying to get ready and into the pool. It was an hour long process which resulted in a 5 minute "swim". It was pretty hysterical the stuff that went on!

Julie (and family) is not able to make it to Avery's birthday party, so she very nicely bought Avery a cake and gift to celebrate her birthday! It was so very thoughtful and Avery loved it!

Blowing out the candles!
We had such a fun time over there as always!  Hopefully the next attempt at swimming will go better-when the water warms up a bit!!

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