Saturday, July 7, 2012

Duck Feeding

Yesterday we took the kids to feed the ducks!

We were trying to think of something to do with them outside, but it was near 90-so we didn't want to melt at the same time.  We decided to head up to the lake and check out the duck situation.

There were plenty! Ducks, geese, and swans (yes all 3 are in this photo!)

Cass just chilled in the chair taking it all in-she was laughing when the ducks would come close to her though-too funny!

Avery had a blast throwing the bread at them! (sorry for the rotated pics)

This one took it right from her hand. I'll say that a few of them were making a hissing sound which sort of scared me and they were surrounding us at one point. Gabe said he was going to have nightmares about ducks biting him that's how many were around us and swarming in on us!

This one looked like a baby-it was so tiny compared to the others and ate right out of Avery and Gabe's hands!

See the hisser? He has his mouth open!

The baby one again:

Yep, swarming in on us!
We had fun and only left with a nibbled toe (mine), a nibbled leg (Gabe) and poop on our foot (mine again)! So it was a success! After they ate, we went to a restaurant right there and had some lunch ourselves!

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