Monday, July 9, 2012

Pistachio Pudding Pie


This is an oldie but a goodie in our family and super easy too!

I was looking for something "summery" to bring to my Mom's for the 4th-something light and not too dense/heavy-ya know, something that screams out SUMMER!!

This my friends, is it!

Pistachio Pudding Pie

2 cups ritz crackers, crushed
1/3 cup butter, melted
2 pkgs pistachio instant pudding
1 qt vanilla ice cream, softened
3 cups milk
8oz container cool whip

1. Pour cracker crumbs on the bottom of a 9x13" pan and spread out evenly. Drizzle melted butter over cracker crumbs.

2. In a bowl, beat pudding and milk for about 2 minutes.  Fold in ice cream until well mixed. Pour over cracker crumb layer.

3. Top with cool whip and whatever else your heart desires (I used chocolate chips). Refrigerate until serving.

(Notes-You can use more/less butter if you want. I think the recipe calls for 1/2 of a stick but I used less than that. I also used pistachio ice cream instead of vanilla and when adding in the ice cream, I mixed it with a mixer-it's just easier that way for me. You can also use more ice cream than called for-I bought a half gallon and just ball parked it. We keep our pie in the fridge, but you could also try freezing it-I've never done it that way, but I'm sure it's just as good!  And if you don't like pistachio, I'm sure you could use any other flavor of pudding you like instead.)
Happy Summer!

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