Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

We had a very nice independence day.

We took a day trip to Buffalo!

We got there by noon and my friend Megan and her little Leigha stopped by to visit.
Megan, Leigha, Cassandra and I

The girls were totally checking each other out-it was so cute! FYI-Leigha is just about 3mos older than Cassandra is.

My friend Jessica also stopped by with her son Connor, who is Avery's age. They were playing a lot outside and at one point pushing this buggy around together-so cute!

Around dinner time, a few of my cousins came by to have a cookout-the usual hamburgs and sausage, corn, etc...yummy!
My Godaughter Kayla with Cassandra

We stayed until around 7:30 then headed home. Both girls passed out within 10mins of leaving and slept most of the way home.
Cass sucking her thumb!
We skipped fireworks this year-it's too hard with 2 little ones! Although our neighbor was shooting them off at almost 11pm-which did not make us happy since we were trying to sleep!!

Happy 4th!

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