Monday, July 2, 2012

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

I always wanted these as a kid.

I have no idea why but I thought they were the best things ever.

I don't think my Mom ever made them for me, but I had them somewhere and have been dying to try them out.

So I finally did for Avery's birthday treat for her daycare.

Ice cream cone cupcakes!!

I wasn't sure how to tackle them-how full to fill the cones, how to get them to stand up, how to  transport/cover was all a bunch of trial and error on my part.

I made a regular box cake mix and bought ice cream cones-regular size (not the jumbo ones they sell).

A friend suggested lining a cupcake pan with foil and poking holes in it to stand the cones in:

Then I filled them to right about where the ring of squares start:

And baked them I think for about 17min or so (of course this will vary with your oven).  Some of them overflowed just a bit, and some didn't but they came out pretty well.  I got 18 cones out of the mix and 6 regular cupcakes (I ran out of cones).

To transport them, I decided to use a shirt box and cut "X" marks where I wanted the cones to go-then wedged the cones in there. It worked like a charm! The only thing was that I didn't cover them at all. I guess I could have used saran wrap or something, but I didn't. I made them up tonight and she's taking them to daycare tomorrow so I figured if they sat out one night it wouldn't be a huge deal. 

Here's the finished product:

Avery loved the way they came out! And of course I had to try one myself to relive my childhood memories-they're pretty good although I wish the cone didn't get so soft....still yummy though!!

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Joelle said...

i always was dying to have them made for me as a kid! I might have to make a few for SJ this weekend for her party!