Saturday, July 14, 2012

Party Weekend!

It was one of those summer weekends that are busy!

Friday evening we had our neighborhood block party. As soon as Gabe came home from work, we went to join the group.  We didn't get there until close to 6pm (it started at 5pm). I only stayed until around 8 because Cassandra was way overdue for bedtime. Gabe and Avery stayed until probably around 9 or so.  We had fun-they had a bounce house set up and tons of food. It was hard having the 2 young kids though because pretty much all we did was chase them around the entire time. So we really didn't get to talk to (or meet) anyone that much. It'll be easier once they're a bit older and can fend for themselves....but let's not rush that! 

Today we had a family reunion to go to. Gabe's Mom's family does one every year at Owasco lake and today was the day-and a perfect day at that!  We left our house by 11am and go there around 12:30.  Again there was tons of food and a lot of people!  Gabe and Avery spent a decent amount of time in the lake with Owen, Bianca, and a bunch of other cousins. I didn't go in the water-I enjoyed the weather in the shade with Cassandra! 

Look at this smiley girl!

Can you tell it was busy? I brought my camera and those are all the pics that I took! Oh well...

We had a lot of fun as always and headed home around 8pm. Both girls crashed on the way home which was nice, although they both wake up when we pull in the driveway! Looking forward to next year's party already!

Tomorrow we have nothing planned which is nice....a little break from all of the partying!

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