Sunday, July 22, 2012

Water Baby

Last night we went over our friends' house to hang out, swim, and have dinner.

Their kids got right in the pool, which was a little on the chilly side. Avery was hesitant to go in, but finally did go in for awhile. 

Before getting out, we decided to see what Cassandra thought of it.  She really loves taking a bath, so I know she loves the water. She's never been in a pool before though and with it being so big, who knows how she would react to it!  I also really didn't know what to expect with it being chilly.  I didn't even bother getting her bathing suit on because I honestly thought she would last about 2 seconds in the water.

Boy were we all wrong (and shocked!)!

She fussed for a second when Gabe first put her in, but after that? Not a peep out of her. I think she stayed in for about 15 minutes which is way longer than any of us thought!
She's smiling!! I think she might be our little water baby!

After we swam awhile, we had some pizza and wings for dinner and just hung out for a bit.  And Daddy was sitting with his two girls so I had to take a picture!
love Avery's face!

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