Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Family Photo Sneak Peek

We haven't had family photos done since 2006.

Gabe and I weren't even engaged yet! 

Our nephew had just turned 2 (he'll be 8 next week!). 

There was only 1 grandchild. Now, there are 4!

We were way overdue for an update!

I got us hooked up with Tessa from Tessa Connelly Photography + Design. (She's out of Buffalo, so if you're there or in the surrounding areas, check her out!).  She just happened to be doing some mini sessions in Rochester for a day, so I jumped on the opportunity! 

We had them done on Saturday at Highland Park.  I will say it was the hottest freakin' day of the summer so far!  Gabe, the girls, and I had our session at 5:30 and it was easily in the 90's still. Thank God there was a slight breeze, otherwise it would have been really brutal.  The rest of the family showed up at 6pm for our group photos.

We were told it would be about 2wks for her to get the photos edited, etc. which I expected since she did several sessions that day.

But....Monday morning I was surprised with some "teasers" on Facebook!


Take a look for yourself:
My in-laws with all of the grandkids

Avery-3yrs old

Cassandra-6mos old
I have to say that the photo of Avery is stunning! I swear it looks like something you would see in a magazine!  I absolutely LOVE IT! 

And I'll tell you a little secret-Avery was in quite a funk that day. She was up way too late the night before (like 1am late!) and was up early Saturday morning. We had to wake her up from her nap for photos and she was not a happy girl. Between photos, she was whining and crying, but as soon as the camera was on her, she posed away which I am thankful for!

Cassandra on the other hand....this kid smiles/laughs  The camera came out and nothing-sister wouldn't crack a smile the entire time!  I think it was the heat because as soon as we got back in the car, she was belly laughing the entire ride home. Little stinker!!

Anyways, I'm dying to see the rest of our photos! The teasers are so great that I can't wait to see what else she got!!

Like I said, if you're in/around Buffalo, check Tessa out-she is very talented!!

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