Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mommy and Avery Day

Avery's daycare was closed for their summer break this week so I took vacation days to have the week off so that I could stay home with the kids.

I decided to send Cassandra to my in-law's house for a day so that Avery and I could have some quality time together.

Let's face it...when kid #2 comes along, kid #1 gets neglected sometimes (and vice versa). It's even worse when you breastfeed  because the baby is attached to you every time she/he is hungry, which is every 2-3 hours. And factor in putting #2 down for naps and #2 going to bed earlier than #1 and well, most of my day is consumed by baby #2 being glued to me.  I do feel awful for Avery some days. I know she doesn't get my attention as much as we'd both like. I hate to say it, but I almost can't wait for Cassandra to be a little bit older just so that I'm freed up a little more. I think it'll be easier when they're both able to do the same things and be at similar stages, but right now it's just tough. Not that I'm wishing time away, because holy cow my baby is 7 months old already, but I'm just hoping things will get easier as time goes on.

We both needed a "big" girl day-just Mommy and Avery. From the time we woke up until dinner time it was just her and I.

We got up, I got ready, we got her dressed. She wanted to play with some toys in the basement so we did that for at least an hour. 

Before we left the house, we took a quick pic:
Is she my little clone or what?!
Then we had lunch at Panera, which was her choice. She downed her food which I was happy with-sometimes when we go there she doesn't care for it.

After lunch, we went to the Strong Museum. I had been asking her for about a week what she wanted to do with me and she kept telling me the museum.  Honestly, it was a good choice because we've only gone once in the 7months Cassandra's been with us-it's hard taking the 2 of them myself!  We met Molly, Owen, and Bianca there-which was a surprise to Avery! Everyone had a blast! We rode the carousel and train of course and did lots of playing! I think we were there about 3 hours and I really think Avery enjoyed it!

After the museum, I took Avery to a new ice cream place that we hadn't tried yet. She loved it because it was self-serve so she could do everything herself!  And with all of the toppings they had, she surprisingly only had rainbow sprinkles on hers! It was very good and I'm sure we'll be going back again!

Once we got home, Gabe and Cassandra came home shortly after and it was back to our usual routine-dinner and bedtime.

It really was a fun day and like I said, one that we needed.  I think my big girl had fun on her special day with Mommy!

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Joelle said...

so cute, I can SO relate to this post. I feel so badly cause Andrew is so high maintenance.. I neglect SJ alot... I'll have to plan a Mama and Me day too