Friday, August 24, 2012

Seven Months Old

Yesterday Cassandra turned 7 months old!

Cassandra is still in size 2 diapers for the day and size 3 for overnight. She's  wearing mostly 3 or 6 month clothing at this point, depending on the brand.  Some 3 month stuff got put away and some 6 month stuff she's swimming in!

Cassandra is still a good sleeper. Now she's up usually once a night, but the time varies quite a bit. She had a few nights of being up several times and she had 1-2 nights of being wide awake for an hour (or longer) for no reason!  For the most part she takes 2 naps, rarely now will she take a third one.

She nurses every 2.5-3 hours during the day and is still incredibly nosy! Her best "meals" are at bedtime and overnight when it's dark and there's nothing to see!

It took awhile for Cassandra to catch on to the whole eating thing. Avery caught on after a day or two and with Cassandra it took about 2 weeks before she got the whole open-your-mouth thing.  She has one meal a day (dinner) and she's had rice cereal, carrots, green beans, avocado, sweet potatoes, peas, and banana.  The only one she wasn't crazy about were the green beans. She really liked peas (Avery HATED them!) and avocado the best so far!

As for new things....she has started to sleep on her side a lot and really sucks her thumb quite a bit to put herself to sleep. She had a few nights of getting stuck on her tummy! She knows how to roll over, but she had a few nights of flipping onto her belly and waking up. She loves shaking her head "no" which is so cute and funny! And if you nod "yes" to her, she laughs! She had her first trip to the zoo as well this month. She has figured out how to move around a little bit-she can rotate 90 degrees or so and has also moved towards the foot of her crib. She loves if we hold her and jump/bounce-that gets her laughing! We've started some sign language with her and I really think she understands "milk" and "eat" so far!

Here's Cassandra:


My favorites:


And for fun, here is Avery's 7 month pics!

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