Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Seven Months Old!

Today Avery is 7 months old!

I have the day off so I took her to a new coffee shop called Melon Bean Eatery to check it out. It's a very cute place and has a play area for kids. I had a panini and coffee and Avery sat in a highchair and played with some toys. It was a fun little outing for us today.

Avery is constantly changing and growing! She is pretty good about napping now taking a morning nap and an afternoon nap in her crib. The past few nights she has only gotten up once overnight to eat which is very nice!

She is loving her meals! She eats twice a day-lunch and dinner. Lunch is usually just cereal and dinner is cereal and a fruit/veggie. So far she has tried carrots, applesauce, sweet potatoes, peas, squash, and avocado. The only one she has hated so far is the peas-she never warmed up to them. Avocado is still iffy at this time too.

Avery is getting very close to sitting on her own now! Sometimes she still arches back or folds in half but she is pretty close to sitting unassisted. I think she'll like it when she can so she can play with her toys more easily.

Gabe and I have been teaching her sign language for awhile now. This past month I think she has really started to recognize a few of the signs-milk, eat, all done. We're waiting to see when she'll sign back to us!

Here are her pics we took today:

These are my faves of the bunch:


buffalojoe said...

Unbelievable how quickly she's grown. I love the idea of taking similar shots each time because that stuffed animal once towered over her. Great job describing her experiences. I love being able to catch up on a couple of weeks at a time and by all means, a few days off is not slacking! Keep up the good work :)

Katie said...

She's getting sooo big!!!!!

Nicole said...

Joe-my Sister In Law did the same thing with her kids-same chair, same animal-but she did hers every week I think. But that's how I got the idea!