Sunday, January 17, 2010



That's how I feel....yuck.

Thursday I had a weird feeling stomach ache all day at work. It went away on Friday so I thought I was in the clear.

Not so much.

We had a trip to Buffalo planned so we were up early yesterday and got there by noon. We didn't do much. My Mom's one friend stopped over to see Avery and that's about it. Avery was in bed by 7pm and I followed shortly after since I wasn't feeling too great. My stomach was just churning and churning and I just felt yucky.
Here's Avery before she went to bed...playing with Lexie:

Needless to say we didn't get much sleep at all. I went to bed around 9:45 and was still awake when Avery got up at 11. She was up until after 1am and I was feeling like garbage. She was up again around 5 to eat then was up at 7 for the day. I probably got 4 hours of sleep and still felt crappy this morning. We were supposed to go over my Dad's for breakfast, but we cancelled and came home early-were home by noon.
Avery enjoyed her pacifier and Lexie before we left today:

I came home and took a nap and relaxed most of the day. I'm still not feeling great and haven't eaten much at all today. Unfortunately this is my week to cover a girl's vacation at work so I'm working all 5 days this week. I hope I feel better tomorrow because it'll suck if I don't.

I hate being sick!

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