Sunday, January 24, 2010

End of the Busy Week

So my busy week continued into a busy weekend.

Friday night was quiet after work-put the baby to bed and just caught up on some TV (we are WAY behind on things).

Saturday we had a playdate with 2 girls from Avery's daycare. We got together with them about a month ago or so and yesterday we got together with them again. It was a lot of fun and it's fun seeing how much the girls grow! We had a nice brunch-quiche, fruit salad, muffins and cookies and the girls had fun playing together. We were there about 2 hours then they were all ready for naps!
Here they are-Josie (6.5mos-she's 5 days older than Avery), Amelia (10mos), and Avery:

Amelia giving Avery a love tap:

When I got home, Avery went down for a nap and I ran to Wegman's then to JCPenney's to pick up Avery's pictures we had done. When I got home, about 15min. later Megan, Todd, and Noah arrived for a visit! The kids got to visit a bit and we had some pizza and wings for dinner. Avery went to bed and they stayed awhile longer before heading out. I stupidly forgot to take pictures of the kids-you just get to busy and into visiting that it totally slipped my mind. Noah has sprouted a tooth though and is getting so big!
Jerri was enjoying her new favorite place by the heat vent:

This morning my Dad came out for a visit. When we were in Buffalo last weekend we didn't get to see him since I wasn't feeling well so he came out today to see us which was nice. I made a nice breakfast (recipe to come!) so we ate while Avery napped. Then he got in some quality visiting time with her which was nice!
Here's Grandpa feeding Avery for the first time! She did really well!

My Dad stayed a few hours and Avery went down for nap #2. I'm catching up on here and just relaxing a bit before she wakes up.

This coming week will be a little less chaotic. Gabe's parents are gone on vacation so I'm only working one day this week when Avery goes to daycare. Since I worked a full week last week, they nicely counted those days for this week so I could swing it. So it's like a vacation for me this week which will be great! And we don't have much planned either which is even better!

Speaking of teeth....I think I can see Avery's bottom teeth. I swear I've caught glimpses of something white in her gums. When I really try to look, she fights me so it's hard to tell, but I swear I see something. I don't feel them yet, but they might be ready to pop out one of these days. I'll keep ya posted!

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