Friday, January 15, 2010

Entertaining the "beast"

Avery was in a mood today-a not-so-good-mood. She was very whiny and crying a lot today, which she normally doesn't do. Yesterday she woke up from her nap with a stuffed up nose so I don't know if that is bothering her. Or if it's her non-existant teeth doing something? She normally doesn't fuss unless she's tired or hungry, so something must have been bothering her today. She did get better in the evening, which was nice. This is when I wish they could talk and tell you what's wrong with them. It's frustrating not knowing how to help them!

So I took some pics of her today since I was trying a lot of new things to entertain her and distract her a few minutes here and there.
Pushing up high on her stomach:

She loves seeing herself in the mirror:

Teeny tiny toes:

I attempted giving her some ice in one of those mesh feeders and she was pretty interested in it. Not sure if it was soothing somehow or if it was the newness of it that interested her:

Today we also tried a new veggie...peas! She ate the first 2 spoonfuls without a reaction, then we got the winner!

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