Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last Weekend in January

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is February 1st already! Wow! The first month of 2010 is officially over!

We had a pretty low key weekend....
Friday was cold out so Avery and I relaxed at home. When Gabe got home from work we ordered chinese food and just hung out the rest of the night. Avery has been practicing sitting up and she sat all over the place:

In Daddy's chair:

Saturday I got up and went to the gym. After that we just hung out a little bit. Avery did some more sitting:

Then we went over our friend Julie and Richie's house for dinner. Their daughter Carly will be 2 at the end of February and they are expecting a 2nd baby at the end of July! They made a very nice dinner and we caught up on things. The girls got to play together a little bit...or I should say Carly played while Avery watched mostly! Haha!
This is Avery all bundled up in her snowsuit (first time in it!):

Gabe with Avery and Carly:

As soon as Carly saw my camera she ran up to me yelling "Cheese!" It was too cute!

A few of the girls together...Avery loves pulling hair these days:

Thanks for having us over Chapman's!! We had a lot of fun!
Today we did a lot of bumming around the house. I went grocery shopping, Gabe ran to Home Depot...other than that we were hermits today! Seems to be my trend the past few days-it's just been too cold out there to go out! But tomorrow is back to work and back to our routine!

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