Monday, August 13, 2012


I'm not a huge fan of boats.


One-I get seasick sometimes. I've had a few bad experiences of feeling nauseous on a boat so I always get nervous when I go on one. I've never puked over the side or anything, but still-being nauseous is no fun!

Two-I get nervous.  Motorboats-fine. Sailboats-scary. Yes I can swim but for some reason the great expanse of water scares me to death at times. I'm always thinking of my exit plan in case we capsize. Yep, I'm a dork!

For some occasion last year, my Dad bought us a sailing trip. We were supposed to go one day last summer and it got cancelled on our way there....the captain's relative was in a car accident so he cancelled our excursion. So we had to make it up this summer. Yesterday was the day.

Our excursion was at 3pm and we got into Buffalo around noon.

Avery chilled on the couch watching some TV for a bit....
We all ate some lunch and relaxed for awhile. Gabe and I headed out a little after 2 to meet up with my Dad for our trip.

It couldn't have been a worse day.  For the summer we've had it was pretty crappy. Everyday it's been hot and sunny. Yesterday?  Grey, chilly, windy and looking like a  storm at any second.

You can imagine how this played into my fears right?!

Within 5 minutes of getting on board, I was white-knuckle-death-gripping the metal bar behind me. I had NO idea that the sailboat would be tipping to such extremes-to the point of being able to touch the water!  You literally felt like you were going to go overboard at any second. It was not fun. In fact, I'd say it was very stressful for me!

The trip was supposed to be 2 hours long and I swear I was looking at my watch every 10 minutes hoping it was time to end the thing. So when the captain asked (after an hour and a half) if we wanted to make another lap, I very quickly said "No thanks, I'm good!" and we called it a day.

Because of the death grip on the boat, I didn't take very many photos....I planned to, but things changed.
This is what I got:
Downtown Buffalo


This is Gabe after the trip when we were docked-looking like everything is A-OK!  I'll admit that I think everyone on that boat was a little nervous at least once during the excursion!

Once we were kissing the ground back on land, we went back to my Mom's.  Avery had a blast playing outside:

And Megan and Leigha (9mos) stopped by:

Cassandra wore this cute onesie with her initials on it so I had to get some pics of it!

We had a quick bite to eat for dinner, then hit the road to home. Another successful visit!

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