Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another First!

Another first for Miss Avery today....swim lessons!

We've wanted her to start these for a very long time. Originally we were going to when she was a baby, but then she had this fear of water forever so we didn't (I'm sure I've posted about it but can't find it for some reason!). Basically, she hated taking a bath-we both would have to hold her in the water while she screamed through the entire thing. It sucked-so swimming? Yeah, that went to the back burner until girlfriend could tolerate being in water!

Not to mention that I heard that swim lessons really don't do much for them until they're older and can understand stuff. It's pretty expensive for lessons and at 6 months old, what do they really get out of it?  So at that point we decided to hold off until a good time came along to start them.

And now seems to be a good time. Both of us really think learning to swim is a must-no questions asked. I think in this day and age you have to know how to swim. When I hear of someone not being able to I always wonder why and how can you NOT know?!  It's just a no-brainer to me....learn to swim people!

I struggled with which class to sign her up for. There was one with a parent to come and one without. Would she willingly go in the pool without us because it's something new? Or would she be scared?  I really didn't know so I decided to do the parent class to be on the safe side. I figured if one of us was in there with her, maybe she'd feel more comfortable and not as nervous. Now this may make lessons in the future interesting when we can't be in there with her-but that'll be a hurdle we'll jump when we get there.

So today was her first class and she decided that Gabe was going to go in with her. She was very excited and had no hesitation about going in, which was awesome!
Here they were singing "If You're Happy and You Know It" and kicking their feet:
Practicing the back float with the teacher:
And swimming on her belly:
The class is only a half hour and it really flies by! Today they learned how to get in/out of the pool safely, jumping into the pool (with assistance), and the back float.  She said she had a lot of fun so I hope it stays that way! We were very proud of her!

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