Friday, September 7, 2012

Starting New Things

So we have some new things starting up around these parts!

Cassandra is babbling like crazy these days and in the past few days has started making a new face which I just adore!
How stinkin' cute is she?!

And Avery is starting something new as well...gymnastics!

Yesterday was her first class and she loved it!

We got her all ready in her new leotard:
like the undies hanging out?!
and she had to have a pic with her sister too!
She seemed a little nervous before class and we got there and it was really, really busy. We waited around a few minutes and then her teacher, Mr. Jonathan, came to the door and called for the 3yr olds to line up! Avery got in line and followed him right out the door for class (of course she looked at me and was like "aren't you coming with me?").  Cassandra and I waited in the waiting room and Gabe showed up about 10min before class ended.  When class was over, Avery came through the door with a huge smile on her face and saying "I want to do it again!" and we kept telling her "you will next week" but she insisted "I want to do it again RIGHT NOW!"  Yeah, it took us about 15min to get her to leave the gym! Haha! I'm just hoping her enthusiasm for it sticks around awhile!

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