Friday, September 14, 2012

Nama's Visit

My Mom was on vacation this week so she came out late yesterday for an overnight visit! She probably would have stayed longer, but my Aunt is still recovering from back surgery so my Mom can't leave her alone very much just yet. 

But the girls sure love their Nama time!!

When she came out yesterday, we stopped by Gabe's parents' house for a short visit so that she could see their new house. Then Avery had gymnastics so she went there with us as well. Then the usual dinner and bedtime.

Today my Mom wanted to do something with all of us (Gabe had to work of course-boo!) so we let Avery choose what to do. I swear, all week it was something different she wanted to ranged from going to tea, to the museum, to the name it, she mentioned it!  Even this morning she kept changing her mind, until she finally decided on the farm!  It was a good choice since it was a nice day out (until we got home and it poured a half hour later!).

The farm had a story time that we went to and for story time, they bring an animal that the kids can touch.  This week the animals were calves!  One was 3mos old and the other 4mos old!  They read a few cow related stories, then it was off to pet them!  Aren't they cute?!
Avery had no fear-went right up and stuck her hand in there!

They also had tons of pumpkins out-and we bought some-they were such a steal we couldn't pass it up!
For the fall season, they also set up a train ride, so of course she had to take a spin on it....

This was her pose for the entire ride-kid looked miserable, yet said it was SO fun! Haha!
After the train, she had to get her usual ice cream there and play on the playground!  She had a good time! 

After the farm, we just came home and played-my Mom stayed for dinner (we went out for burgers) then headed back to Buffalo! We always enjoy her visits!

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