Sunday, February 10, 2013

I Love One

I somehow forgot how much I love the age one.
I swear I forgot this stage with Avery-I barely remember her not talking, not walking, etc. And her as an infant?! Yeah, totally blocked out of my mind. I think the lack of sleep when they're newborns plays a part in that.

Anyways, this age/stage that Cassandra is at is one of my favorites.
Cassandra knows what we're saying, yet can't really communicate back (which is nice sometimes-haha!). She has a few actual words and a few signs, but really she doesn't come out and use them on her own. She mostly just repeats you when you say them. And I love hearing her starting to say words-it's so much fun!

Cassandra hasn't started the tantrum phase yet although I have a feeling it's on the horizon! With Avery having meltdowns daily, you forget that there is an age where they don't do that yet! It's definitely not as challenging as the 2-3yr stage, that's for sure!
my new trick!
She's mobile enough to get what she wants, but not so mobile that I'm ripping my hair out. Basically, she's crawling and not walking yet.
She's pretty independent-wants to feed herself and plays by herself really well....
Yet she's still my baby girl who comes crawling to Mama for a snuggle. I love watching her explore and discover the world around her. To be able to see things through her eyes would be amazing!
Her little personality is starting to show now and the little person inside is emerging. She does so many cute things these days (pic below included) and I could just eat her up!
If I could freeze time, I totally would right now! I just want her to stay this way awhile longer....please?!

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