Monday, February 25, 2013

Thirteen Months Old!

On Saturday, Cassandra turned thirteen months old! We're out of monthly stickers, but I wanted to take her photo for the first 2yrs like I did with Avery!  And of course I forgot on Saturday so I took them today instead....oops!

Her clothing hasn't changed much since last month. She's wearing mostly 9 month clothing, some 12month stuff depending what it is. She's in size 3 diapers for daytime and 4's for overnight.

She's still sleeping through the night-typically 11-12 hours total. Sometimes she wakes up, but rarely do we have to go in-only if she's sick or something. She's still napping twice a day as well! Some days she'll only take one, but that has decreased as well. I'm hoping she hangs onto 2 for awhile since Avery cut out her naps so darn early it seemed! 

She's down to nursing twice a day now-wake up and bedtime. I'm giving her breastmilk in a sippy cup for lunch and dinner now and she's doing really well with it so far. I'm still working on my freezer stash and once that gets down a little lower, I'll start adding in some whole milk for her.

Cassandra has 3 meals a day-mostly all "real" food. I'll confess that I'm still buying some jars of food for her mostly because she only has 4 teeth! And I think it's a convenience thing-opening a jar is so much easier sometimes, especially if we're out and about. But honestly I don't use them much-maybe one jar a week!

I'll admit that I'm slacking in keeping track of her new foods lately. The big thing Cassandra tried this month was peanut butter. I made her a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and she does like it! That's all I can think of....I really give her anything that we're eating to try and for the most part, she eats it! She rarely refuses something.

New things she's doing this month....she has some new signs: "thank you" and "drink". She has a few new words as well: "all done", "uh oh", "more", "buddy", "cool", "hi", "good". Not all of them are perfect, but they're consistent and we know what she's saying!  I love hearing them start to say new things-it's so darn cute! She has also started pulling up to stand and is crusing around on the furniture. We've tried holding her hands to walk and most of the time she isn't interested-she just tries to sit back down! Silly girl! One funny thing was that Gabe and Cassandra got home from work (Avery and I were home already) and as soon as they walked in the door, she yelled out "HI!!!" It was her first time saying "Hi" and it was so cute and so perfect!  I have to say that she really is copying everything that we say these days! I love it!!

Here are her photos....she wasn't very cooperative today at all for these!

I think she started crying because she wanted the camera! I don't think I have a single picture of her crying so I figured why not?!
And my faves from the group....

Photo shoot take 2 at bedtime, hoping she was in a better mood!
Her new fave face-cracks me up!!

After she does the "Oh" face (above), she then does this face-it's her new thing!'s Avery at thirteen months old!

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