Monday, May 13, 2013

A Day for Mommy

Yesterday was a special day for all of the Mommys out there...Mother's Day!

Unfortunately I didn't get to sleep in...Gabe went running early in the morning and we had a brunch reservation at we all had to get up and dressed to head there. No, I'm not complaining because this is THE brunch-one of my favorite meals of the year! I'm not kidding!

Like we have for the past 5yrs (at least), we went to the Hyatt. And (score!) we got the private room again, which is so nice to have....especially when there are 4 kids who just want to run wild while everyone else eats!

Before stuffing our faces eating, we took some nice photos.
3 Generations-Avery, me, my Mom, Cassandra

Avery, me, Cassandra, Gabe
All of the kids (I love how tiny Cass looks here!):
Owen, Avery, Bianca, Cassandra
The Moms:
Molly, Camille, Aunt Pat, Mom, Me
And the whole crew:

Once again, the food was great and the company even greater. The kids had a blast in the kids room getting balloon animals and their faces painted. Even Cassandra got a little heart on her arm:
Of course her favorite thing? The balloons!
After brunch, Gabe took Avery to my in-laws' house to play with our niece and nephew. I put Cassandra down for a nap and I actually napped myself-heaven!!

Once they got home, we just hung out-Gabe and I were too full for dinner so we just fed the kids. They gave me some nice cards and a gift card to Cold Stone! 

And Avery made me this at daycare this week...melts my heart!
It was a very nice day. I'm glad we got to see everyone that we care about so much!  And I'm glad I got to spend it with both my Mom and my girls...without them I wouldn't be the Mom that I am!

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