Sunday, May 19, 2013


Cassandra is hitting a lovely milestone...the tantrum stage.

Today, I fear, was just the beginning.

Gabe took Avery out so it was just Cass and I at home.  She was playing in our living room and all of a sudden she burst into tears. And not just tears, but screaming along with them.

So I go over to her and pick her up-well, let me tell you-this girl HATES being cuddled (boo boos, etc) so as soon as I picked her up, she arched her back and started kicking me. So I put her down sitting on the floor. She proceeded to throw herself backwards (luckily I caught her so she didn't hit her head) and land on the ground. She laid there screaming and kicking.

I tried picking her up and getting her to walk (her new fave thing to do) and her legs became spaghetti. She sat on the floor hitting her hands together and screaming her head off. Again I tried holding her, again she arches back. Repeat throwing herself on the floor multiple times.

Sister did this for a good 10 minutes.

I finally coaxed her into her highchair (I don't even remember how) and she was happily eating. Well, as she ate she would randomly burst into tears again. It was crazy!

I don't recall if Avery was ever like this. If she was, I don't remember it lasting so long. And she actually liked being held so this is very different for me!

Wow is all I can say....she's going to be a challenging one!

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Joelle said...

um, reading this I thought I was reading my own thoughts. Andrew does the tantrum thing too.. and I get so nervous he's gonna hurt himself with all the head whipping and leg thrusting... ahhh these 2nd children.... SO different than our firsts, huh?