Friday, May 24, 2013

Sixteen Months Old!

Yesterday Cassandra turned 16 months old!

The little peanut is still in 9 or 12 month clothing! I'd say she's leaning more towards 12 months now, but some of those pants still drag on the floor!

Knock on wood, she's still a great sleeper! She very, very rarely wakes up overnight. In fact, I can't remember the last time we had to go in there to settle her down. (Of course the night I wrote this, she woke up crying  on and off for a half hour!) She's still doing an afternoon nap...usually around 2 hours or so which is pretty good.

We are officially done nursing! We stopped about 3 days after she turned 15 months old. She basically wasn't drinking from a bottle at all anymore and was nursing for such a short time at bedtime that I don't even think she was getting much out of it. The weekend we ended, there was going to be a few nights I couldn't nurse her so I just figured it would be a good time to call it quits since I wouldn't be there to nurse her. And all went smoothly. She has never asked for it or anything-it's like she has no memory of it. And surprisingly I didn't even cry! I think I was just at peace with the whole thing. We both just knew it was time.

Cassandra is a great eater. Sister loves her food, that's for sure (even though she's skinny as all heck!)!  There's nothing new I can think of that she's tried this month. Some of her favorite foods lately-bananas, cheese, avocado, blueberries (and most fruits), pasta.

New words this month include: "boo boo", "cado" (avocado), "Hi doggie", "Hi Jer Jer", "pizza", "dinner", "diaper", "hello", "noise", "pasta", "bagel", "nonut" (doughnut), "daydee" (Daisy), "e a go" (here ya go), "walk", "chair", "yogurt", "lights", "nak" (snack), "Danda" (Cassandra). She also has signed "kitty" and "love".

Cass is still working on the whole walking thing. She now will only hold one hand when she walks with us. And all of a sudden she has this determination to walk. I swear overnight she decided that she can walk (and she can't) and she just stands up and takes off....and will fall flat on her face after about 2 steps. She'll also crawl up to us and say "walk??" and hold out her hand...she wants you to put out your hand and walk with her. It's all she wants to do now!

Cassandra is now up to 11 teeth. We have the canines left and one more up front before 2 year molars. She has started waving by opening and closing her hand-it's adorable!

I was trying to get a full shot of her in this outfit because it's so cute (here's Avery in the same outfit!) but it was really hard getting her to "pose" for me. I told her to say cheese and this is what I got!

And our usual pics...
no idea what she's doing!

randomly doing "so big!"

Showing her tongue
My faves:

I just was looking at Avery's 16 month pics, and she's looking at this exact book! I didn't even realize it until now so no, it wasn't planned!!
Good shot of the teeth:
Pretty girl!
Of course Avery had to jump in for a few photos as well!
Giving kisses

Tickling Cassandra

Sister hugs!
Flashback! Avery at 16 months old!

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