Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sixteen Months Old!

Yesterday Avery turned 16 months old!!

Last month I posted about her canines coming in...well, I finally got a good look in her mouth just the other day. She's officially up to 15 teeth now! She has one more canine that has to break through and then we're done until the 2 year molars come in.

She's still eating well these days. Her favorite foods are pasta, grapes and apples. After her 15 month appointment, we did give her peanut butter. She's still on the fence about it. She loves toast with jelly on it so when I make her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I tell her it's toast with jelly and she eats it. Gabe tried giving her just peanut butter and she wasn't too thrilled (she must not be our daughter!).

She's still on the same sleep schedule-11/12 hours overnight with one nap in the afternoon. We occasionally get a night here and there where she'll wake up, but not too frequently!

She likes doing airplane when she eats...she will take the spoon from me or Gabe and will make an airplane sound and whirl it around in the air-it's pretty cute! She has also started tickling people now! And her latest thing? Belly buttons! She always plays with hers and will want to see ours from time to time! She has also figured out how to close her eyes when we ask her.

She says a few more words now: "Dora", "more", "Papa", "apple", "hi". She loves when we're out somewhere now and all she does is say "hi" to people! And she says it repeatedly to the same people-it's funny!

Here are a few pics I took of her yesterday....eating a banana holding it all by herself!

Hugging her bear:

And our usual monthly pics:

Looking at her book:

My Mom bought her this Halloween hat last year and now it's super tight on her!

After I took it off of her, she started trying to put it on herself:
She got it to balance!

My favorites:

and this was what she did for a half hour yesterday while I was starting dinner!

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