Sunday, October 17, 2010

Zoo Boo

Today we took Avery to her first Halloween event! The Seneca Park Zoo holds their annual Zoo Boo so we decided to check it out!

Gabe and I haven't taken Avery to the zoo yet (shame on us!) so we thought this would be a good opportunity to do so. My in-laws have taken her before so she's not totally deprived :) We met a couple that I went to high school with and their 2 kids and we had a lot of fun! (Another shame on me, I didn't get any pics of their kids in costume!)

We got there right when the gates opened at 10am and got her in her costume in the parking lot.

Look at my little frog!! Daddy and Avery ready for Halloween fun!

The event was pretty cute. Since we're not members, Gabe and I paid admission (Avery was free for being under 2), then it was a few bucks for Avery to trick-or-treat. You were given a treat bag, map and stamp card upon entry.

All of their indoor buildings/habitats is where the trick-or-treating took place. They had tables set up and when you got your treat, they stamped your card to show you were there. They also had a mini maze set up to go through and you got treats going through that as well. Of course most of the stuff Avery won't be eating (PB cups, candy bars, smarties), but a few things were kid friendly like granola bars, fruit flats, tattoos, pencils. On the way out of the zoo, you turned in your full stamp card and the kids got a prize...a stuffed animal! They had a bunch to choose from and Avery picked out a nice blue elephant!

They had some of the habitats decorated for Halloween as well and of course you got to see all of the usual zoo animals...
The hyena: (he was totally posing for pics!) The polar bear:

The sleeping rhinos (don't they look silly?!):

Avery and I at the Rhino habitat:

Avery wasn't a big fan of the hood of her costume and I really didn't get a good full body shot of her. So when we got home I snapped a few.
This one cracks me up-she looks like godzilla with her hair all in her face!
My frog with her elephant from the zoo!
One Halloween event down, a few more to go!

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