Sunday, October 3, 2010

Time for Pumpkins!

Welcome October!

One of Avery's latest interests is seeing "the baby" in our closet mirror. She started it yesterday and did it again today. I snapped a few pics of her, but I wish they turned out a little better. Giving the baby a kiss:
She also waves to the baby, smiles, points to her bow, etc. It's pretty darn cute! I'll have to get it on video one of these days too!

Since it's beginning to feel like fall around here and it's officially October now, it's about that time to get some pumpkins! The weather was pretty decent yesterday so we decided to go out and enjoy the day, just in case we don't get another nice one before Halloween!

Just like last year, we decided to go to Powers Farm Market. We visited their petting zoo area first. Avery was not shy at all and went right up to the animals.
Here she is kissing the goats:
and checking out the deer:

Here she stuck her hand through to point to the deer and the one came right up to her!
Then we saw the chickens...we got to see them get fed (lettuce!) and they went nuts!

After seeing the animals, we ventured into the big tee-pees. We weren't sure how Avery would like it since it's pitch dark inside, but we decided to try it out. At first she whimpered a little, but once inside, she loved it!

Avery and I:
Some of the pumpkins inside the tee-pee:

The pumpkins go way, way up high so I was pointing all over trying to have Avery look up at them all....

After that, it was time to find our pumpkins! As soon as I put Avery down, she ran over and hugged the first pumpkin she saw:

Avery and I in the pumpkin patch:

We found our 3 pumpkins, checked out the store real quick, then headed out. Now we just have to get a few Halloween decorations out in the house and we'll be all ready to go!

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