Sunday, October 31, 2010


Did I scare you?! Haha!

Happy Halloween!!

Even though I hate thinking of costumes (and sure as heck can't make them) and hate paying a fortune for a cheap thing you'll wear for just a few hours, I still love Halloween. There's just something about it....being something out of the ordinary for a day, lit up pumpkins, kids' voices on the streets at night....

I get excited for the kids to come around trick-or-treating. I sit and watch out the window for the first ones to come and love seeing their costumes when they come to the door.

Of course now we have our own little one to dress up and take out which makes it that much more fun!

Here are our pumpkins we did this year....
Gabe's (awesome huh?!):
and mine:
We got pizza for dinner then got Avery all geared up in her costume. We planned on taking her to maybe 3-4 neighbors and that's it. We figured we'd go early and get it done so we could come back, hand out candy, get her to bed, etc.

And she totally figured out how to unzip her costume:

Ready to go! Trick-or-treat bag in hand....

Look how stinkin' cute she is....doesn't she look like a big girl?!

walking up the driveway:

Crossing the street with Daddy:

This was our last planned stop at our neighbors next door. They took a family shot for us:
So after we did the 3 houses we planned on doing, we got home and Avery was not happy-she did not want to come inside! Let me tell you that it had to be in the low 40s (if that) and was raining/snowing out!
For this child only being 16months old, she totally figured out the whole trick-or-treating concept after the first house. She saw the candy hit the bottom of her bag and she was sold! So when we got home, she kept wanting to go back out. I stayed home to hand out candy and Gabe decided to take her to one more house. They came back after that....he goes to take off his coat and she starts crying and pointing at it! So he puts it back on, they go to one more house, and come back....she still wasn't done! It was so funny! His parents ended up coming by just as Gabe was taking her out again-so they went to a house with her and then they all came back in the house. Having them here helped distract her and then she was just interested in doing "cany inventory"...empty the pumpkin, fill the pumpkin...repeatedly. When his parents left, she pointed out the door and was grunting like she still wanted to go out for more! We told her it was time for bed and took her up.

I just got a kick out of it-I totally thought she would be clueless and would not be interested in trick-or-treating! We were laughing because it was so crappy outside and Gabe kept taking her out to more houses...I told him "anything for free candy!" and we joked that she takes after me in loving free things!
Next year will be a blast I'm sure!!


tab890 said...

It looks like you got some good use out of Avery's costume as well!

What a great story to tell Avery when she gets older - her first trick-or-treating experience. How cute!

Happy "belated" Halloween Avery!!

Nicole said...

Yes we did get a lot of use out of her costume this year! Happy Halloween to you guys as well!