Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had yet another busy weekend!

Saturday the library that we go to weekly for story hour had their Fall Festival so we decided to take Avery and check it out. She was a little young for most of it, but it was pretty impressive what they had for no charge....yes, it was all FREE!

Here is Avery and Daddy right when we got there (she's totally doing the side-eye here-she would not look at me) A quick family shot:

They started with a parade at 10am-all of the kids and parents paraded around the grounds before the actual events started.

The library is connected to the town hall and police department so all of the buildings were involved in the festival.

In the police department, they had a room with games set up-bean bag toss, ring toss, and the choose a duck game (she loved picking up the ducks!):

They also had a police officer present to talk to, face painting, and a magician doing some tricks. They had a hallway that you walked through to take you to the town there they had a trick-or-treat room which was a clever idea. They had all of these "haunted houses" set up with a person in each one handing out candy/treats to the kids. It was a cute idea!

Upstairs in the town hall they had some doughnuts and cider for refreshments. Right outside on the front lawn of the town hall they had pony rides. Avery loved looking at them but she's a little too young to do that yet. Maybe next year!

They also had some story characters walking around-some mouse (Lily?) and Curious George. Here is Avery meeting George:

Then we made our way to the library. Every family received a small pumpkin that the kids could decorate with huge sharpie markers. Yep, that was something we didn't do! They had a few coloring stations set up as well where kids could color a large leaf or pumpkin. They only thing we really did there was look at the animals they brought over from the zoo. They had a small snake, which I didn't get a picture of. Then they had this nasty millipede:

Yeah, the girl held it...gross!

They also had an armadillo. Avery loved the thing-she didn't want to leave!

Avery watching it run around!

I have no clue why this is turned but its Avery watching the armadillo run around.

After Avery napped, we took her to our gym to go swimming. We haven't taken her in a few months (she was in her anti-water phase) so we thought we'd try again. She was a little unsure at first but did very well! We ended up having her in the water for about an hour and she did awesome! Granted, she wasn't all excited, but she did splash a little and did some kicking which is definitely an improvement from where she was!

Yesterday we went to Buffalo since it's been about a month since we last went.

We met my Dad and Colleen for breakfast/lunch at the Olympic. Avery had a good time with her Papa!
Then we went to my Mom's for the rest of the day. Of course we had to break out the Halloween costume so Grandma could see her and take some photos! My Mom got her a little pumpkin so we had a prop for her pics!

My Mom also got her a flashlight pumpkin that blinks so we got a pic with that as well.

Grandma and Avery:

She also had fun practicing her jumping skills:

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