Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad (aka Papa)!

We had a busy day yesterday!

In the morning, we met a friend of mine and her 2 sons at the Strong Museum of Play for a few hours...which was fun as always! While there, Avery sat on my lap while I made her a magic wand! I'm not miss crafty so it looks ridiculous to me, but she loved the thing-she carried it around all day (and still wanted it today!).
Here's a pic of it: And Avery with the wand:

I told her to wave the wand and instead she waved while holding it:

This is her new thing when I tell her to smile:
And she had to show the wand to Jerri...and Jerri loved it because of the ribbons on it so Avery was thrilled that she could keep the cat near her for more than a split second. It was a riot!

Late last night my Dad and Colleen showed up for a visit. Yesterday was my Dad's birthday so they went out for dinner kind of out this way. So they decided to come here after and spend the night. Avery was fast asleep by the time they got here, but we stayed up and chatted for awhile before heading to bed.
Gabe had to work today so Avery and I spent the day with my Dad and Colleen. I took them to the public market since they have never been. Then we came home and Avery ate lunch then took a nap. We mostly hung out the rest of the afternoon. When Gabe got home we made dinner-burgers and potatoes on the grill (yum) and a homemade birthday cake for my Dad!
Here we are singing to the birthday boy:
and clapping after:

birthday kisses:
and blowing out the candle:

They left just as we were getting Avery ready for bed. It was a very nice visit-it's been awhile since they've been out here. And I know I'll be hearing Avery say "Papa" a lot now!
Happy Birthday Dad!

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