Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fifteen Month Appt.

Avery had her 15 month doctors appointment yesterday. I was dreading it because her 12 month one didn't go so well-she basically cried the entire time.

I got her undressed no problem. As soon as the nurse came in, the waterworks started. She got measured and weighed and had her head circumference done (which she hated the most). The doctor came in and she fussed a little when she saw him. He does all of the talking first before the crying begins which is nice. So while we talked, she was playing and being fine. Then when he started his exam, the tears started again. After he finishes, they send the nurse in for shots. I held her on my lap (they did her arms this time) and she cried-but stopped shortly after. She got interested in pointing out her "boo boos".

She ended up being 31.5" long which is in the 80th percentile and she's 19lb 15oz which is in the 10th percentile. She's still my tall, skinny girl! He said everything looks good and we got the OK to start any food she wants-eggs, honey, strawberries and peanut butter (the big no-nos for the first year). Of course at the end of dinner last night we had to give her a piece of toast with peanut butter! She was pretty full so she didn't show much interest in it. But she didn't break out in hives or anything so she must not be allergic which is good!!

Now she's in the clear for another 3 months!

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