Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Weekend in Fall

Fall is officially here and we had quite a busy weekend!

Yesterday morning, Gabe went and got his haircut so I got Avery ready and fed her breakfast. She finished off with some puffs and we decided to have some fun with them at the end! She got a kick out of putting them on my nose and her nose: I asked her where her teeth are:
When Gabe got home, we both got showered and then hit the road to Buffalo. We got there around noon and it was non-stop people coming over! My Aunt had foot surgery almost 2 weeks ago so she had some visitors and I swear we maybe had an hour all day that no one was over! Who came by? My Mom's friend Joanne, my Aunt's friends Sue, Bernie, and Kathy, cousin Gail, Megan and Noah, cousins Rachel and Taylor, my friend Renee. It was like a revolving door there!
I tried to take some pics of Avery and Noah but didn't get any real good ones....this is them hugging-and they turned the wrong way!

Gabe was tickling Avery and Noah was checking things out:

Avery climbing the stairs....I love her little devilish grin!
After dinner, we drove home and got Avery to bed since she didn't nap at all at my Mom's house!
Today when we got up, we went apple picking at Green Acre Farms. It was pretty slow when we got there and it was a wonderful day for it! We started out picking some empires and cortlands....Avery was obsessed with the gross ones on the ground!

She would put them in the bag then want to take them back out!

An airplane is going by!

Running along:
I decided to try out an apple while we were picking and gave Avery a bite. She's really only had applesauce before, so a raw apple, core and all, was a new thing for her! And of course since it's fruit, she LOVED it!

Then we made our way over to the macouns. Unfortunately, it was near the end of picking for them so most of the ones left were way up high. Avery got a kick out of Gabe lifting her up high to reach them, but she had no clue how to grab them and pull them down!

And before we finished up, the family photo:
We were going to pick pumpkins while there, but the pumpkin patch was pretty thorny so we passed on that. They also had raspberries you could pick, but we didn't do those either. We got to the farm around 10:30 and by the time we picked apples, it was around 11:45 which is Avery's lunch time and close to nap time. Since we were a good 25-30min from home, we decided to look around the store real quick then head out to get her lunch and to bed. Of course we found some apple cider and "fried cakes" (aka doughnuts)...and Avery tried (and loved!) them both:

When we got home, Avery ate lunch then took her nap. I ran out grocery shopping then came home and started a monster batch of applesauce (which is SO good!). When Avery got up, we gave her a bath and when she came downstairs I gave her her baby sized apple she found. After carrying it around a few minutes, she figured out how to bite through the skin which totally shocked me! My little baby looked so big eating an apple like a big girl! Of course I had to grab my camera:

She's so stinkin' cute! Oh, and if anyone has any advice how to get apple juice out of clothing, let me know-that stuff stained the heck out of her outfit today! Yikes!

Happy Fall everyone!

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