Sunday, September 19, 2010

Last Weekend in Summer

It's hard to believe this was the last weekend in summer. I'm sad to see it go. I do like fall though, but I also don't like it because I know that winter is right around the corner. YUCK!

Yesterday morning Gabe went for a run. When he came home, I went to the gym. While I was there, Gabe and Avery went to the public market to enjoy the nice day outside. After the gym, I came home and did some much needed cleaning and organizing so that was nice. After Avery's nap we decided to take her to the playground for a little bit since it was so nice outside. She had a lot of fun going down the slides and going on the swings:

I got a nice family photo of us:
When we got home, Gabe's parents came over to babysit so Gabe and I could go out for dinner. We went to Pier 45 again and sat outside. It was very nice.
Today we were pretty busy as well. This morning, Gabe's family (parents, sister and kids, aunts, uncles and a few cousins) all met at Wegman's for coffee and to plan our upcoming clambake. We figured out the menu and who is bringing what. When we got home, Avery had lunch and napped. I went out grocery shopping. When she woke up, we played outside a little bit while Gabe mowed the lawn. Then we went to Panera for dinner and to Lugia's for some ice cream! Only a few good days left to do that this season!!

It was a very nice last weekend of summer!

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