Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eating and Sleeping "Fun"

One thing I've learned since Avery was born is that kids go through some crazy cycles.

Since she was 10 months old, she's been sleeping really well at night-12 hours straight usually without waking...and if she does wake, she puts herself back to sleep. She recently dropped down to 1 nap a day and depending on the day, it'll be short (1-1.5 hours) or long (2+ hours). This week we had an "off" sleep week. Wednesday was her surgery and that night she was up for 2 hours in the middle of the night then ended up sleeping in later than normal. Thursday night she did the same. Friday night she woke up twice overnight but put herself back to sleep like usual. Yesterday she took a later nap than normal (she went down around 2 instead of 1230ish) and slept for 3 hours! She didn't wake up until around 5pm so you can imagine that when bedtime came at 730, she had no interest in sleeping. She was up until 10pm then was up bright and early at 7am today! Today's nap stunk-only an hour long so by bedtime she was exhausted. It still took her awhile to fall asleep tonight, but hopefully she stays asleep all night and catches up.

Then there's the eating. Man, a few weeks ago she was a power eater! She would have several courses for each meal and would just inhale her food. She loves fruits and vegetables and we could count on her eating those for sure. This past week, she's been in a non-eating mode. She'll have 1-2 bites of something then it gets thrown on the floor. Anything we give her it's the same thing...I don't know if her rate of growth is slowing or what, but meal time has not been fun this week-she just doesn't want to eat and it gets frustrating for us!

Hopefully these things are just phases she's going through...another crazy cycle of Avery!

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