Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Panic (Take Two)

We got some bad news yesterday.

I picked up Avery from daycare and there was a letter (stapled shut) in her take home folder. Normally I just read those things when I get home, but something made me want to read it right away.  I got her in her car seat, pulled out of the parking lot and realized I hadn't read it. So I pulled over and skimmed the letter.


Her daycare provider is getting out of the business and is going to try and sell the daycare.

You may remember that this happened to us before.  How this happens to a family twice is beyond me!

In the letter she said she'll definitely be closed come September, but she might not even open for the summer. If that's the case, we need a new daycare in about 3 weeks. Yep, 3 WEEKS!  Panic totally set in.

I'm so incredibly bummed about this. We really, REALLY love it there and Avery has grown so much by being there. She loves the teachers and loves the kids and Cassandra was going to be starting there this summer as well. It sucks! And I know changing daycare now is going to be a lot different than it was 2 years ago-she is definitely going to know what's going on now and it makes me sad.

Best case scenario? They sell the place and the kids can stay there and the owner/teachers are great. Worst case? We're starting from scratch. AGAIN. And we might only have 3 weeks. 

My stress level is through the roof right now!

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