Monday, May 6, 2013

Busy Buffalo Day

We went to Buffalo yesterday for a birthday party. It ended up being a very busy day (for me at least!).

We got to my Mom's and had lunch. Then I headed to my friend Jessica's house to see their new baby. She's 2 weeks old now so I had to see her while she's still an itty-bitty!  And boy, you forget just how tiny they are!  Here's little Caroline Cecelia:
After that, I ran to another friend's house to drop off a few things. Then headed back to my Mom's. About 15mins later, we had to leave for the party. Yep, I was doing lots of running around!

The party was for Noah, who just turned 4! They had it at their house-which we finally got to see after they moved back in November!

This photo is so darn cute-look how happy she is!
Her latest thing...trying to step on anything she comes across!
Singing "Happy Birthday" to Noah!

They had a bounce house for the kids so once things died down a bit, Cassandra got to go in too! And she LOVED it!

Opening presents:

Poor Cassandra only napped a half hour in the car on our way to Buffalo so she was exhausted. By the end of the party, she was all snuggles...which I totally loved!

After we helped clean up a bit, we headed home. I thought both girls would pass out from all of the fresh air, bouncing, took Cassandra about 2min to fall asleep, but then she woke up after an hour. Avery stayed awake the entire ride home! Gabe and I were ready to pass out and she's wide awake!

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