Monday, November 23, 2009

Big Girl Car Seat

Avery is movin' on up in the world! Over the weekend we got her "big girl" (aka convertible) car seats installed. Her infant carrier only went up to 26" and at her doctors appointment last month she was already 25". I figured by Christmas she would be too tall to stay in the infant carrier.

I called around about installation dates and the place we went last time had one in December, but it's the weekend we'll be in Buffalo. I called another location and they were having one this past weekend. So Gabe and I talked about it-do we do it now or do we wait until January? We decided to bite the bullet and get them done now while the weather is still nice, etc. So Saturday we went to the Brighton Fire House and had them installed.

My Mom got us the Britax Marathon for our shower gift (Thanks Mom!) so that one is in my car. After doing some research, we bought a Recaro Signo for and that one is in Gabe's car. I bought it off of AlbeeBaby and got a really great deal on it.

So far, the convertible seats are somewhat of a hassle. You don't realize how convenient the infant carrier is until you're not using it anymore. Avery isn't sitting up on her own yet, so she can't sit in a shopping cart-so we have to drag along the carrier to use while shopping. We were also using a BundleMe to keep her warm in the infant carrier, which eliminated the use of jackets. Now? We can't do that so we're going to have to start bundling her up just to transport her to/from the car. Plus when you have arms full of things to load/unload into the car, it's much more challenging. It definitely will be an adjustment for awhile-for all of us. Avery's not too fond of the seats yet-she normally would fall asleep in the car, but hasn't in the new seats yet. That scenario is another pitfall-she would fall asleep and we could bring her in the house undisturbed and she would continue napping. Now we can't do that. Like I said, a lot of adjusting for all of us to get used to. But, I guess we'll survive through it!

But doesn't she look cute in her new seat? (And those cheeks! I want to bite them!)

Here's a pic of her playing with Elmo the other day:

And a self portrait of us:

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