Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Interesting Night....

We had quite an interesting night last night.

After work, I picked up Avery from my in-laws. They informed me that she hadn't pooped all day-which usually means I'll get a nice blowout poop at some point which results in a ruined outfit or two. I get home and tell Gabe that and he tells me that she didn't poop overnight either. Great-an even bigger one on its way. It was bath night so Gabe went to get her bath water ready as I got her undressed, etc. Still no poop (very unusual for her)! Gabe comes and gets Avery from me to give her her bath. I'm in her room getting clothes out for the next day, etc. I hear Gabe talking to her in the bathroom:

"Oh Avery does the water feel nice and warm? Are you doing whizzers? OH MY GOD-she's pooping! She's pooping! Nik come here!" (Insert a different word for pooping)

So I go in and there's poop floating everywhere in the bath tub! So I scooped her out and we drained the tub and started all over!

We get her to bed and I go to bed around 10. Lately she's been sleeping until around 3-4am before she eats. I wake up to her screaming-look at the clock-11:30pm! Ugh...so I let her cry a few minutes to see if she calms down. Nope-instead she screams harder and harder. All of a sudden it dawns on me-I wonder if she rolled and is stuck on her stomach? I jump out of bed and sure enough, there she is stuck on her tummy! It happened again at 4am as well and when Gabe went in to wake her up she was on her tummy as well! I knew this day would come! Now she needs to learn how to roll from her tummy to her back so she can get herself out of a jam! Hopefully soon!

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