Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy 1st Thanksgiving Avery!

Another first holiday for Avery to celebrate-Thanksgiving! Today we were thinking how last Thanksgiving we spilled the news about us expecting a baby! It's amazing to think it was a year ago already!

We typically alternate Thanksgiving between Gabe's family and mine. This year was our year to go to Buffalo, however my Aunt had to work today so it would have just been my Mom, Gabe and I for dinner. So instead, my Mom decided to come out this way and go to my in-laws' house with us.

We got up this morning and had some cinnamon rolls while watching the Macy's parade. My Mom came out around 2:30 to go to Thanksgiving dinner with us. We all went over to my in-laws' house around 3:30. The usual crew was there-Molly, Mark, Owen, Bianca, and Mark's parents, Ela and Richard. We of course had way too much food. We said we set the record this year for the amount of side dishes and desserts! We counted 12 side dishes in addition to the turkey and I think we had 7 desserts! It was a ton of food and it was all very, very good! We stayed until a little before 8pm-it was past Avery's bedtime so she wasn't in the best of moods when we left. Overall it was a very nice day though-and now 3 more days of the weekend to enjoy! Here are a few pictures from today:
Family photo:

Avery in her Santa hat with Mommy:

Avery over at Pa and Grandma's:


Owen and Pa:

Avery getting into her PJs:

Close up!

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Kim said...

SO Glad to hear your Thanksgiving was a wonderful one and Avery is getting so BIG! <3