Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Bianca!

Today is my neice's 2nd birthday so tonight we went to my Sister-in-law's house for her party. We were greeted by my neice and nephew-how cute is her outfit?!

Avery wore one of Bianca's old dresses for the occasion:

We had a very nice dinner then opened gifts. My in-laws even brought a gift for Avery. Gabe opened it and you can see how entranced she was by it:

The gift was a glow worm and so far I think Avery likes it!
My neice is really into the movie "Toy Story" so my in-laws got her some figurines from the movie. This is her opening up Woody:

She also loves dolls and she got a new one tonight:

Gabe and I got her a trunk full of dress up clothes:

Avery was busy eating her glow worm:

And watching it play:

Bianca's Shrek cake that she picked out and couldn't wait to eat!

Lighting the candles-she was so excited!

Owen and Bianca:

Singing "Happy Birthday":

Owen helped blow out the candles:

Avery had a little taste of frosting from Daddy (Mommy wasn't too thrilled about it):

We had a very nice evening at the party-everything was very nice and we all had a good time! Happy Birthday Bianca! We hope you had a wonderful day!

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