Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Let the chaos that is Christmas begin!!

We started today by leaving our house pretty early-by 11am. For us, that's pretty good! We headed to Buffalo to start the whirlwind that is normal for this time of year.

Our first stop, the Polino's house! My friend Katie currently lives in MD and only makes it back to Buffalo twice a year. The last time she was here was when Avery was born and I saw her for maybe an hour when she came to the hospital to visit us. She was staying at her parents' house so we stopped over there to visit. It was great seeing all of them and of course her parents put out a spread of food for us (gotta love those Italians!). We also got to see Katie's son, Roman, for awhile. The last time we saw him was at our wedding a year and a half ago-and he was only 3months old at the time! So it was a visit that just had to be done while they were in town!
Here is Katie with Roman and Avery:

Both of us with the kids:

Roman opening his gifts:

Avery checking out the horsie:

After our visit there, we were off to my Mom's for a few hours. Megan, Todd and Noah stopped over for a visit so we could exchange gifts.

Then is was off to my cousin Rachel's house for our annual Christmas Eve get together. My Mom's cousins from Florida came in and we haven't seen them in about 5 years so that was a treat! They had quite a house full as always and it was a lot of fun. Avery did really well with all of the new faces and everything-she was such a good girl!!
Here she is showing off her Christmas dress:

Cousin Taylor opening her gift:

Cousin Eddie opening his gift:

Family photo:

Opening some of Avery's gifts:

My little Christmas angel:

After Rachel's, we went back to my Mom's, got Avery to sleep (which took awhile), then just relaxed and went to bed. Had to gear up for another full day to follow!

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