Saturday, December 19, 2009

Starting Solids!

Last night we gave Avery her first taste of food....well, if you want to call rice cereal food! To be honest, it smelles pretty gross-kind of like bread dough.

I fully expected her to be all over it. She has been very, very interested in food for weeks now-watching your every move if you eat or drink anything. So I thought when the opportunity came, she'd be wide-mouthed and ready to go.

In actuality....not so much! She wasn't a fan at all-she didn't open her mouth, she spit most of it out, gagged most of the time, etc. She wasn't all that into it. But of course I had to take a zillion pics of it all! These are just a few of them....
Sitting in her high chair for the first time:

First bite (She's thinking "I don't know about this-are you sure?):

Down the chin it goes:

What do you think you're doing?! (Love this one!)

Another taste:

Love this one too-caught it just at the right time!

I don't think I like this guys!

Rice face:

This was her mid gag:

So our first time wasn't a true success, but hopefully she'll get more used to it as the days go on!
Later we practiced sitting....or I should say Avery's current version of sitting:

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