Friday, December 4, 2009

Story Time!

Today I took Avery to a local library for an infant story time. I have known about them for awhile, but they had been holding them on Mondays-which is one of my working days. I happened to check their website the other day and they are now on Fridays-one of my days off! So today, Avery and I went to check it out! It ended up being really cute and I think she enjoyed it. There were about a dozen of us there-only one Dad in the crowd. We all had a little rug in front of us and sat in a big circle. They opened with a song that introduced every infant there, which was cute. Then they did a bunch of rhymes/songs that we all sang together. Mixed in that we read through 3 books. After doing maybe 10 rhymes and the books, they gave us free time-they had a bunch of books out and some infant toys and the kids were allowed to play for about 15min. Then we all gathered for a farewell song.

It was really cute-most of the kids there were under the age of 1. They handed us a print out of all of the rhymes we did so we could continue them at home if we liked them-that was nice because I only know so many kid songs! Avery was just taking everything in and watching all of the kids-she was just mesmerized with all of them! I'm sure we'll try to go again next week if we can!

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