Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas with Grandpa!

Yesterday, my Dad and Colleen came out to do our Christmas celebration. We aren't sure if we'll see them Christmas Eve or Day, since it's usually very hectic while we're in Buffalo those 24 hours or so. Since they both had the day off, I suggested doing our Christmas a little early so it wouldn't be so rushed and if the weather didn't cooperate, we wouldn't have that in our way either.

It was very nice-they came during the afternoon and Gabe and I made a nice dinner-steak, potatoes, salad and bread-very tasty!

Avery was very fond of Grandpa's face...first the glasses:

then the mustache:

Grandpa and Avery:

After our nice dinner, we opened presents. They got Avery a Fisher Price dog that sings, talks, etc. My Dad took it out of the bag and had it start talking to her:

Then we brought it over to us for closer inspection

She likes the dog so far-it's a cute toy that'll grow with her the first few years. It teaches body parts, colors, and lots of songs. She'll enjoy it I think! Overall we had a very nice visit-they normally don't get to stay over very long when they come so it was nice to have an extended visit with them yesterday! Avery had some good quality time with Grandpa!

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