Sunday, December 27, 2009

Six Months Old!!

Today is Avery's half-birthday...she's 6 months old!! Again, I can't believe how fast it's going by-her real birthday will be here before we know it!

Avery is now rolling all over the place-front to back and back to front. She loves playing and chewing on her feet. Everything goes into her mouth these days-she loves to chew on things! She hasn't mastered sitting up yet-she folds in half when you sit her up.

We started her on cereal about 10days ago. She wasn't too fond of it the first time, but now she loves it! She gets so excited that she attacks the spoon when it comes toward her! She goes to the doctor in a few days so we'll see what he says about trying other new foods.

Avery is still obsessed with Jerri the cat-she laughs and gets excited whenever Jerri enters the room. She doesn't take her eyes off of her and likes to pet (and grab) her. Jerri is very tolerant of far! We'll see how that changes when Avery is more mobile.

Avery started napping in her crib about 10 days ago and is doing very well with it. I couldn't get her to nap for me at all before so this is a huge step for us! Now she's napping twice a day in her crib which is great. She still wakes up twice overnight to eat-I'm hoping she'll eliminate one of those feedings soon. Other than that, all is going great!!

Here are her new pics-as soon as I put the giraffe next to her, she had to attack it!

I had to get some with the Santa hat since it was so close to the holidays!

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