Friday, October 19, 2012

A Big, Fat Catch Up Post

I seriously had about 5 posts drafted...nothing written, just posts I wanted to write. Yeah, those were from 2 weeks ago! And I had probably another 5 I could have started as well. It would have taken me at least 2 weeks to get photos uploaded and get the posts written, so today I said screw it and am just putting everything into one huge post and being done with it. That way, I'll be caught up to today so I'm not back posting for the rest of my life (like I normally do!). So, this post will be extremely random, but it'll get us all caught up to life right now!

Let's see....

Cassandra had her first ride in the stroller without her carseat! I think she loved it!
My Dad and Gabe's Dad have birthdays a few days apart (and so do our Moms...funny huh?!) so we had a birthday weekend!  Saturday (the 6th-which is my Dad's b-day) my Dad came out for a visit. We hung out awhile then went out for a BBQ lunch (yum!). After lunch, we came back to the house for some delicious cupcakes!  We sang of course!
And Miss Cassandra had her first taste of frosting! I'm not sure what she thought of it!

Sunday (the 7th), we went to my in-laws' house to celebrate our other Dad's birthday with all of the Aunts and Uncles!  Of course I brought my camera and forgot to take photos! But I did take a few of Cassandra all dressed up and ready to party!
sporting baby legs for the first time!

This face kills me!
One morning last week when I was home with the kids, they were really into Jerri (when are they not?!) and Jerri was actually coming around a lot and laying down near the kids, etc. Avery was like "Mommy! Take a picture of us with Jerri!"  Of course when I try doing that, it's impossible! It's hard enough getting 2 kids to look at you...throw in a cat and forget it!
What is Cassandra's face? She's like "look at me!"

Very excited about the cat!
Over this past weekend, we went to Buffalo on Saturday for the day. It had been at least a month since we were last there so we were due for a visit!

Cass of course loved the dog!
And again trying to get 2 kids to look at the camera was a joke! But I wanted a picture because their shirts match! Yes, the only other thing we have that matches for them! 

Cassandra sat at the table with us for the first time! I think she enjoyed it! She was sort of all over the place in it though, but oh well! It got the job done!
And I had to get a shot of me and my baby girl....
I could bite that face it's so cute!

This week has been busy-I picked up an extra day at work so I worked M-W. Yeah, nothing gets accomplished on work days! Hence the big, fat catch up post! Halloween events are-a-comin'! Stay tuned!

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