Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween, Take 1

On Friday our local rec center had a Halloween event so we decided to check it out.

We've done some Halloween stuff in the past, but this year we wanted to try a few new things since the ones that we've been to have just been ok.

I got the kids all ready in their costumes before Gabe got home from work.

This year, Avery wanted to be a "kitty cat" and she chose her costume herself!

Her kitty impression
And she also decided that Cassandra was going to be a mouse! I looked online and couldn't find a really cute mouse costume. They have all of these random animal costumes (peacocks, flamingos, etc.) but not a simple mouse costume...which makes no sense to me at all. So, I decided to do something simple and just dressed her all in grey and had a really cute mouse hat made which I can use all winter long. (You can get one just like it here!)

When Gabe got home, we went to the rec center. When we got there, we had some dinner first-salad and pizza. I had Cassandra in the sling to try and make things easier:

Of course we had to get the scrunched up face

Me and my girls
After dinner, we explored the rec center. They had a trick-or-treat room with fake houses set up and the kids got candy at each one. Then in the gym they had a bunch of games set up for the kids to play. Avery tried all of them and had fun! They had a Halloween tattoo room set up and of course Avery had to get one (added to the 6 she already has on!). They also had a craft room, but we didn't make our way in there at all. Outside they had a hayride  and since it was nice out, we went on. It was a long ride-I think it took at least 20min. Avery was all excited because it was "Cassie's first hayride". I think they both enjoyed it!
Gabe and Avery on the hayride
Once the hayride was done, they were pretty much getting ready to close up shop so we headed home. I think Avery enjoyed herself at her first Halloween event of the year!

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