Sunday, October 21, 2012


We're experimenting with some finger foods 'round these parts!

But first....I picked up Avery from daycare the other day to find this in her box of goodies:
How sweet is that?! She told me "Mommy is pink, Daddy is orange. And Mommy-I gave you eyelashes and cheeks!"  Too cute! I just had to share that!

Back to finger foods....

Cassandra still doesn't have any teeth so I'm nervous about giving her table foods still. She's mostly just doing purees (besides her beloved Coco Pops!) but the other day I gave her a Cheerio to see how she did with it. And...she loved it! She "chewed" it and down the hatch it went. So, now it's one of her favorites to snack on!

I gave her a little pile of them the other day and she was in her glory!
And Avery wanted her pic taken too!

She's pretty good at getting them in her mouth now!

Love Cassandra's face here!

These girls just crack me up! Love 'em to pieces!

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