Friday, October 26, 2012

Nine Months Old!

A few days ago, Miss Cassandra turned 9 months old!

We just bumped her up to size 3 diapers for daytime. She's still in 3's for overnight as well, but we'll probably move her up to 4's pretty soon for that! She's mostly in 6month clothes right now. Some 3 month stuff still fits her believe it or not!

Her sleeping habits have been all over the place this month. Some nights, she'll sleep through without waking, some nights she's up twice...and it's never consistent! Even her wake up times overnight are scattered-some nights midnight, others 4am....she really keeps me guessing! She still naps twice a day, but won't really sleep in her carseat or stroller at all anymore.

  She's still nursing, although it's been a struggle some days. She's super nosy so trying to nurse in public is a complete joke-she wants nothing to do with it! She's had a few "off" days where she refuses to nurse unless she's really tired (nap and bedtime) so that's been frustrating too. She's having 2 meals a day now-lunch and dinner. Some new foods for this month include: yogurt, peaches, bagel pieces, cheese, pear, cheerios, mixed grain cereal, veggie lasagna. She really likes almost anything we give her which is good!

  As for new things she's up to...she went swimming at the gym for the first time and really liked it! She also had her first cold! She has started giving kisses when you ask for one-so cute! She has started babbling "mama" and sometimes I think she knows what it means! When you put her on her tummy, she can turn herself around and move a little bit-not crawling but she can scoot herself. If you sit her up, she also spins around on her butt which is funny to watch! She mimics some sounds-meowing like a cat and when we say "all done", she says "duh". She also loves giving hugs to stuffed animals now-as soon as you hand her one she gives it a big squeeze!

Here are her pics for the month (which were next to impossible to take!):


And my favorites:


The "stinky" face!

And for fun, here are Avery's 9 month pics! (You'll see Avery was doing a lot more at this age!)

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