Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Fun!

On Sunday we went to The Garden Factory for their fun fall weekends that they have. We've been there before for their holiday weekends, but never for fall...so we decided to check it out.

Cassandra was ready to go in her pumpkin hat!
They had tons of stuff to do there! It seemed like they had less rides than in the winter, but at the same time it seemed bigger in size and they had more stuff to do than in winter as well.

They had some cat adoption place there and Avery was loving the kittens-I think she was playing with them for at least a half hour! And they had one that looked like a baby Jerri as well!
Avery and I as ghosts:
After the kittens, she was ready for some rides!

First up? The carousel!
After she went on I was walking with her and we heard "Avery! Avery!" and we turned around to see her BFF Josie there with her grandparents!! They were so excited to see each other!
Avery and Josie
They went on the carousel again together and then went into the bounce house. Then they went and checked out the petting farm:

Baby pigs-they were so, so small!
Then it was time for Josie to leave so we got in line for some ice cream!
And then Avery and I went down the big slide (which was very fast by the way!):
Then it was Daddy's turn:
Avery won a stuffed whale and Cassandra was lovin' it to pieces-she kept giving it hugs:
After we went down the slide a few more times, we headed to Gabe's parents' house (they had met us at Garden Factory). I put Cassandra down for a nap since she didn't sleep there (silly nosy girl!). I took a pic of her sleeping...she's so sweet!
We had dinner, then headed home. After I put Cassandra to bed, I hit up the store for grocery shopping. It was a very busy but very fun day!

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